• We have a lot of experience in assisting students with their dissertation and thesis manuscripts, and that experience is growing rapidly.

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Why use an editing service?

Obviously we will recommend having your thesis or dissertation manuscript copyedited or proofread by a professional. After all, it’s our business! But consider this. You will be living with this lengthy volume for the rest of your career. Your peers, not to mention your prospective employers, will spend some time paging through it, and the quality of it will greatly impact your budding reputation.

So, what’s the catch? Well, editing can be prohibitively expensive, especially for cash strapped students. But E2Publish offers you a series of discounts and tips for helping you to reduce costs.

Why use E2Publish?

We have a lot of experience in assisting students with their dissertation and thesis manuscripts. Our emphasis on editing at the highest academic standards really does make us an excellent choice for copyediting or proofreading those career-setting pieces – i.e. honors and masters theses, as well as doctoral dissertations. We want to be able to help you professionalize your work by extending to you some special price offers and a few tips on how to reduce copyediting and proofreading costs.

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If you are a professor, researcher or scientists, please check out our professional services section.

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Your service is fast, comprehensive and thorough in getting the language ready for publication. I will certainly use your service again in the future.


q I wish to thank you once again for a great and very thorough job, including all the technical details with the references and so on. I will surely recommend you to others.