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Tips for reducing costs

Copyediting is vital for enhancing the quality of thesis or dissertation work (see our "Why Edit" page), especially for students with English as a second language. E2Publish has four tips for helping to make editing services more affordable. First, plan ahead! After all, last-minute work costs more. Be ahead of the curve by reserving your copyediting slot at least 5 business days in advance, or even 10 to 15 days for larger works. In fact, if you reserve time with us at least 4 months in advance, you will receive an extra 5 percent off the total bill (see our pricing and discount page).

Second, copyedit as much as possible on your own. Text quality varies greatly from manuscript to manuscript, and it is here where the costs add up. The costly elements in copyediting occur when entire sentences or paragraphs have to be moved or altered in order to give the contents a logical flow. Therefore, be sure that there is a reasonably clear connection between sentences and between paragraphs within your dissertation. Also, take some time to look through our helpful grammar links.

A third tip is to consider having only the first and final chapters copyedited. While we do recommend having the entire work edited, as an experienced student, you must know by now that many readers will only focus on the two ends of your thesis or dissertation.

Finally, do all the style (i.e. bibliography, references, and citations) on your own. There is absolutely no sense in spending your scarce resources by paying us to do something you – with a little bit of time - can easily do yourself.


q The proofreading and editing of my thesis was done thoroughly and efficiently and I was very pleased with the result. I will gladly use the service again.



2 Thanks again for a very fast and accomodating service.