• Be sure to allow for a day or two to carefully review all changes made during the editing process.

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Receiving files


Congratulations! Your publication is now one step closer to completion. Now that you have received the edited file(s), you will need to carefully review all changes made during the copyediting or proofreading process. Your document most likely contains some comments regarding sentences with outstanding clarity issues - ones that were impossible to edit with confidence over the accuracy of the changes. You might even have a comment or two about inconsistencies in logic and argumentation. In each case, you are encouraged to rewrite these sentences and then resubmit them to us at no additional charge.

Tracked changes

All changes in your document have been tracked – i.e. you can review each change made during both reviews. The first review was tracked under the user name “e2p_1”, while the second review was tracked under the user name “e2p_2”. In some cases, there may be yellow highlighted areas (mostly in footnotes). These highlights accentuate places that need some additional attention. As always, feel free to contact us if you have questions about your document. Also, you can read these short instructions if you need assistance in using tracked changes.

Basic description of track changes functions in MS Word (PDF) - by E2Publish
WordPerfect's 'document review' functions - by CompuSavvy
Track changes in OpenOffice Writer - by OpenOffice.org

Processing encrypted documents

Is your document encrypted? If so, you may need to consult one of the following help documents.

Instructions for Decrypting with MEO (Mac and PC) - By E2Publish (PDF)
Instructions for Decrypting with WINRAR (PC only) - By E2Publish (PDF)

Need help with references?

The accuracy of the citations and references says something to the reader about the level of professionalism in the overall work. E2Publish is here to help!

Check out our formatting page for more details.

Does your book need an index?

An index can greatly enhance the usability and professional appeal of your work. E2Publish is here to help!

More information can be found on our indexing page.