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Proofreading service

Proofreading is the final stage in document editing, where the focuses is specifically on errors in typing, spelling and punctuation. If copyediting is about communicating accurately, clearly, and correctly, proofreading is more about communicating correctly and assumes that most of the accuracy and clarity issues have already been addressed.

Our proofreading services are especially ideal for student texts that will not be proofread by a publisher – e.g. theses and dissertations. If your thesis or dissertation is thoroughly developed, we can ensure that it is free from spelling, punctuation and typographical errors. Please visit our pricing and discount page or contact us for a specific price quote.

Please read our "Why Edit" page if you are still unsure about the need for a proofreading service for your thesis or dissertation.

If you're a professor, researcher or scientist, please check out our professional services section.

Editing samples

Feel free to check out what we can do to enhance your text, and how we do it:

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