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Our InsightsThe key to our first-class editing, translating, indexing and formatting services is our reliance on highly educated and highly competent editors and translators. All academic editing is cared for by a PhD with the ability to offer insights into argumentation, logic, theory and data analysis. Likewise, indexing and formatting tasks are done with attention to detail and ease of reference. You might think of us as a “force multiplier” for your research publications.

Our experienceE2publish is of a team of well-seasoned editors and translators who are experts in their working languages. We offer mother-tongue translations only, and all translations are subject to two rounds of editing. Likewise, all editors work in their mother tongue and have years of copy-editing and proofreading experience.

Our commitmentWe are absolutely committed to enhancing your professional reputation. From the perspective of an academic insider, we fully appreciate the important role that perfection plays in the highly competitive academic milieu. That is why we offer a minimum of two editing rounds for all academic services. Our job is not finished until your work speaks clearly, precisely and correctly to your target audience.

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