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Featured work

Unified Revolution: New Fundamental Physics.

In this 720-page “raw diamond” volume, Professor Espen Gaarder Haug introduces a new fundamental theory of physics, backed up by mathematics and scientific experiments. Presented for the first time is a unified theory of space, time, energy, mass, gravity, causality, uncertainty, cosmology, and even memory and intelligence.

This book introduces a new mathematical framework derived from ancient atomism, which has been ignored by modern science. Indeed, Einstein’s special theory of relativity only scratches the surface of space and time. Einstein’s famous formula, E=Mc2, is correct, but this book reveals a multiplicity of deeper layers behind this formula and supplants special relativity theory via the elegance and comprehensiveness of indivisible relativity theory.

Unified Revolution presents the most wonderful and powerful scientific theory in human history. The piece therefore includes several hundred new mathematical results in fundamental physics. It will cause shock waves in the scientific community.

Professor Haug has worked as an options trader for J.P. Morgan Chase in New York and several large investment funds. He has also work as an adjunct associate professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and as a professor at the Norwegian University of Life Science. Haug has published extensively in the mathematical finance field. He also has a degree in horticulture and has served as a King’s guard.

Edit to Publish thanks Professor Haug for the opportunity to be a part of this extensive and cutting-edge research.

“Give us a damn paper!” Cases of Anti-Deportation Campaigns by Rejected Ethiopian and Palestinian Asylum Seekers in Norway.

As a case study of three campaigns (a one-year-long tent campaign, a hunger strike, and a class action lawsuit), Wubshet Dagne’s thesis explores the strategies and constraints of anti-deportation efforts by rejected Ethiopian and Palestinian asylum seekers in Norway. The focus is on how Norway’s political, legal and social milieu responded to these protest campaigns, hypothesizing that juridification of immigration practices is the main obstacle for rejected asylum seekers to challenge, via legal and political arenas, the immigration authority’s decision to reject.

The study’s findings show that the campaigns failed to bring about the desired outcome for the Ethiopian and Palestinian campaigners. Indeed, the juridification of immigration practices and the corresponding lack of political and economic power undermined public sympathy and weakened the campaigners’ bargaining position. The study inspires further research on how vulnerable groups such as rejected asylum seekers challenge the sovereign state, especially as the power of international and regional human rights regimes are in decline.

Wubshet Dagne is currently a Master’s student at the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law, University of Oslo. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and aspires to complete a PhD in the same field. Mr. Dagne is married and the father to two. His experience as a rejected Ethiopian asylum seeker gives him an intimate perspective into human rights issues generally, and immigration and asylum issues in particular.

Edit to Publish is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this fundamentally important research.